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Welcome to Bible Baptist Church of Asheboro.  We hope you will be made to feel welcome as you visit with us. 

Let me begin by saying we make no claims about being "warmer" or "friendlier" than the next church, nor is our primary concern with "you," "we," "us," and "family."  These things certainly have their place and are addressed from time to time through the preaching and teaching of the word of God; however, in a day when churches spend far too much time attempting to "persuade men" and "please men" (Galatians 1:10), we just make an honest effort to keep our priorities straight: 

Jesus Christ FIRST; you, me, and everyone else AFTERWARDS.

We are, very simply, a group of saved sinners who appreciate what the Lord Jesus Christ did for us

by means of His death, burial, and resurrection. 

We love Him. 

We sing traditional hymns about Him. 

We read, believe, preach, and teach His word(s).  For English speaking people, those words are found ONLY in the Authorized Version of 1611, King James Bible.  We spend a good deal of time in those Scriptures trying to learn what pleases Him, and endeavoring to incorporate those things into our lives. 

"Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created."

Revelation 4:11

Then, we tell others about Him via tract passing, street preaching, personal witnessing,

and a strong missions program.

"But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the uttermost part of the earth."

Acts 1:8

As you may surmise, we truly want everything to revolve around our soon-returning Saviour and His Book.

Consequently, we try not to waste God’s time and money fighting "social injustices" and/or attempting to "make the world a better place." 

After all,

we are Christians, not Socialists.

Clearly, we are "out of step" with this age.  But, if that sounds like what you are looking for in a church, then we would be happy to have you come and fellowship with us.


Pastor Tom Cochran

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